Alicante Reflections: Alicante, Spain



Ahhhh….Alicante, Spain! What a delightful four day stay we had in this city of just under 800,000 people of which we were told 50% live here full time, 30% are Spaniards who vacation/own second homes here and 20% are tourists.

The weather, a very comfortable upper 70’s to low 80’s F. We learned that in the winter months, lower 70’s are the norm. It’s no wonder there is a large retirement draw to this city and that was evident from the active retirees we saw everywhere. It’s a nice, easy, comfortable pace here. The big draw is the incredible beach that stretches the whole length of the city. Soft, rock-free sand and warm Mediterranean waters were enjoyed by all. The beachfront is paved for a long comfortable stroll and there are beach side restaurants and built in seating under palm trees that create shady resting places all along the walk.

The food, just as in Madrid, was tasty and cheap. Since we were on the coast we reeled in more seafood on our daily menus, the shrimp was some of the best we have ever had; sweet, plump and juicy – plan on getting a little messy because these guys are served whole, in shell, head and all! In our 13th floor studio apartment we brought some back from the local market to make for dinner and Nancy gets 5 stars for cookin’ them up tasty!

Getting around was very easy as there was much to see within walking distance of our apartment. The Tram system can be caught regularly at many points and we become pro’s at it, using it to and from the Renfe train station and on our exploration of Alicante proper. How nice it has been to not drive a car and be shuttled to wherever we wanted to go.

Here’s our Alicante video…Thanks for following us!

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