Valencia Reflections: Valencia, Spain



Viva Valencia!

This city was just an absolute delight for Nancy and me, breathtakingly beautiful and so cosmopolitan. We stayed in the equivalent of the financial district and seemed to end up in the banking hub where our fun and chic apartment was along with an endless supply of cash machines!

Beautiful is the simplest and most accurate way to describe Valencia.  The old world architecture, water focused plazas and huge tree filled park that lines the outer portion of the city was so pleasing.  We even visited a botanical garden that was started in the mid 1500’s. The botanical garden was reputed to be full of feral cats but the first time Nancy sat down on a bench one of them jumped onto her lap and started purring. Being in the inner city district of Valencia, shoppers will have fashion overload as all the high end retailers we know were present along with fun, trendy little boutiques of local clothing designers, the smell of leather wafted from these smaller shops as we walked by them.

As far as food and drink go, pretty much the same as the other cities in Spain we’ve visited; quality, variety and cheap — whether we ate out or made an incredible meal from the market it was splendidly delicious!

Valencia was quite easy to navigate and we walked a lot, going to the local Mercado Central a couple of times and many other places.  The streets were much easier to navigate than in Madrid. We seemed to end up back at our street by walking in the general direction that we thought it was.  It was relaxing to stop along the way on our outings at any number of little restaurants with outdoor seating and enjoy a breather over a glass of wine and a Tapas or two.

Here is our video recap complete with original music — disfrutar de nuestros amigos! (enjoy our friends!)….and, we shall see you in Barcelona!

3 thoughts on “Valencia Reflections: Valencia, Spain

  1. Elizabeth

    Valencia is the best video yet! What a beautiful place. Can’t wait to hear about Barcelona. Thanks for letting us tag along.



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