We’re Back!!!!! Seattle, Washington…but not for long ;)



Hello All!

It has been quite awhile since our last post and we apologize for that, especially to our much appreciated readers who are following us — thank you!  Nancy and I are now stateside once again and have been very busy gearing up for our next departure…more on that in a bit, so let’s get caught up to speed on everything else leading up to our upcoming departure.

Since our last post about Nice, France, we have visited Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and a second round of France.  We will be sharing highlights from this last leg of our 64 day European tour soon — various reasons caused a sharp decline in our posts including my getting sick for a second time on this trip — not fun!

Our new adventure starts when Nancy and I wed later this month, we are very excited about this and feel so fortunate to have found each other.  After that celebration we are off to start our search for a new life of permanent residency in Central America.

images  First we will be exploring a surfing camp in Costa Rica, then the hip beach town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, where we will we spend weeks immersed in surf and Spanish lessons — if we are going to live permanently in a foreign country we have to commit to learn to speak the language.  Then it’s off to the historical Colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua to see what city life is like compared to beach life.  This fills up our calendar for a while as we will not be on the move every 3 to 4 days like we were on our European Tour.  This will give us the opportunity to write more in-depth about our surroundings and adventures.

Surfs Up!

Surfs Up!

Hip New Discoveries :)

Hip New Discoveries 🙂

Colonial Cultural

Colonial Culture

Stay tuned and we hope you follow along as we explore all that Central America has to offer!

Adios for now Amigos!

Mike and Nancy

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