We Scream for Sushi!!! — Tamarindo, Costa Rica



Today we had an awesome lunch experience for something we’ve been craving…Sushi, good Sushi, and we found it!  If you are planning on visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica and you are a Sushi lover you must put Bamboo Sushi Club on your list.

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Nancy and I have some pretty darn good Sushi places to choose from and have eaten at many of them.  So, that being said, we were absolutely satisfied with the fresh, large and very affordable lunch we had here.  The atmosphere was extremely inviting.  Bamboo Sushi Club resides on the main drag through Tamarindo but is set back a bit from the moderately slow but busy road.  As you walk into the restaurant, you pass through a bridged tunnel with river rock walls that have lightly cascading water flowing over them.  After passing through you arrive in a wonderfully landscaped courtyard, the feeling is one of being in an Asian jungle.  Although I have never been to an Asian jungle this is what it felt like to me.  We had our choice of sitting in the landscaped area with loose rock underfoot or in the wood floored seating area which is where we sat — open air dining of course.

It was 2 for 1 Mojito Tuesday so we opted for a round of those and they were great! — traditional Mojito flavor with a hint of Mango.  These Mojito’s were more slushy than liquid, very welcomed on a typical warm and sunny day in Tamarindo.  Our server was pleasant, curteous and attentive which is always appreciated.

After looking over the menu we opted for Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp Nigiri along with an order of Shrimp Tempura.  The food was absolutely to our liking; beautifully presented, fresh, tasty and filling.  We were very impressed by the quantities as we are typically accustomed to 2 or 3 pieces to an order back in Seattle.  Our Salmon and Tuna Nigiri cam with 7 pieces each.  The pieces were about 2/3 the size we get back home which we really liked as they were very easy to eat.  Typical accompaniments of wasabi, thinly sliced ginger and two kinds of soy were available.

The cost for all this yummy bounty?….$40 USD which included tip!  In Costa Rica, restaurants automatically include a 10% service fee(tip) so when you have a satisfying meal eating out and your bill is more than reasonable, well, that just makes for happy travelers!

This was just a little taste of our time so far in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  We are in the middle of our stay at a surfing camp so stay tuned for a detailed write up on that along with more details of the town of Tamarindo.  After surf camp we are crossing the border into Nicaragua so stay tuned and sign up for blog alerts!

Until later, we say as the Costa Rican’s say… “Pura Vida”, meaning “Pure Life”, which is certainly how it’s done down here!

A typical walk into town...hug the side of the road and walk!

A typical walk into town…hug the side of the road and walk!



Pleasing eating environment of Bamboo Sushi Club

Pleasing eating environment of Bamboo Sushi Club

Main dining area, family friendly establishment.

Main dining area, family friendly establishment.

Cold, yummy Mojitos.

Cold, yummy Mojitos.

Linens too!

Linens too!

The bounty swims to our table.

The bounty swims to our table.

Local shrimp on steroids...huge, tender, juicy and tasty!

Local shrimp on steroids…huge, tender, juicy and tasty!

Happy Sushi Girl :)

Happy Sushi Girl 🙂

After lunch aperitif ;)

After lunch aperitif 😉



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